"Remaking the Human Body" (2019-21)

I have contributed to the ‘Remaking the Human Body: Biomedical Imaging Technologies, Professional and Lay Visions' at Queen Mary, University of London, several times over the course of a couple of years. This is a research project designed to investigate the use of imaging technologies during IVF. It aims to explore the clinical use of artefacts that produce images and more specifically, how images of developing embryos are received by IVF patients as well as professionals. The project is led by Dr Manuela Perrotta, Lecturer in Technology and Organisation at Queen Mary’s School of Business and Management, and the research is funded through the Wellcome Trust’s Investigator Award in Medical Humanities/Society and Ethics.


"Conceiving For XR" (2021)

This project was devised by XR Psychologists, who took stories about conception, pregnancy and birth and transformed them so that they read as if a new era is being conceived and nurtured, rather than a human baby. I presented some of my texts on Infertility for this project which were translated accordingly, The resulting stories may stir in the reader the possibility of articulating similarly intense emotions about the necessary scale of change (hope, fear, loss, fragility, joy, possibility) that can often seem impossible to describe and totally overwhelming..


"Performing the Maternal: Bodies, Haptic Practices and Ethics" (2019)

This project was devised by Maud Lannen, under the supervision of Professor Anna Furse, as part of a practice-research PhD at Goldsmiths. The purpose of the study was to give visibility to individuals who are involved in maternal labours but whose labours and bodies remain marginalised by society, with the aim to reformulate what the maternal is and can become in the future. My part of the collaboration was formed of various visuals and texts, documenting my own unconventional experiences of the maternal during IVF.