Various published works:

"Hairpiece II" in "INFERTILITIES: A CURATION", book published by Wayne State University Press.


INFERTILITIES: A CURATION A book of text and artworks intended to capture and express the realities, pains, and joys of infertility. This project recognises the diverse voices and perspectives that represent infertility. Published in print and digital formats by Wayne State University Press in late 2023.


"Ma – reframing the representation of the maternal subject in the (negative) space of (m)otherhood" in An Artist and A Mother book, published by Demeter Press.


An Artist and a Mother is a book of visual artworks and essays about contemporary artists and mothers who speak to the challenges and joys of balancing creative life with the demands of mothering. Published in print and digital formats by Demeter Press in Spring 2023.


"Torn and Adorned" photography feature in iLeGaLiT


ILeGaLiT magazine was established in 2011. The magazine initially focused on literature, poems and short stories, but other types of art gradually began to appear in it and space was given to photographs, illustrations, collages and other art-oriented works. It is photos that have become an integral part of the magazine, and currently iLeGaLiT focuses primarily on photography. My feminist photography work was featured in August 2021.


"Reconceive Invisibilities" in Maternal Art


Maternal Art is a UK based independent Gallery & publishing house, bringing together work by artists who produce inspirational work about the maternal. My article " Reconceive Invisibilities" was published in June 2021.


"Concealed and Revealed" photography feature in Square Magazine


Square Magazine, is a photography magazine, featuring the latest in photographic artists. In both French and English, it has around 5.000 views per quarterly issue. My feminist photography work was featured in April 2021.