Various interviews and media features:

UN-BECOMING: In Conversation with Hettie Judah


A panel talk by Hettie Judah with Asia Werbel and Elsa James, to coincide with Naissance Renaissance exhibition at Unit London ...more

Away with the Quarrelsome (Pomegranate) Apple in "Stay In Art" magazine


Away with the Quarrelsome (Pomegranate) Apple" in Stay In Art magazine. "Author and classical scholar Giulia Isetti from the Center for Advanced Studies at Eurac Research wrote an article entitled "Away with the quarrelsome (pomegranate) apple!” In it, she includes several forms of artistic expression from antiquity to Dürer, Dalí and contemporary positions. June 2022.


COVENTRY BIENNIAL 2021 - "Mothers Who Make: Infertility in the Arts"


An artist talk & discussion with Sally Butcher (Birmingham, UK) and heather michel riddle (Philadelphia, US) who in their own unique styles explore the invisibilities and silences of Infertility in (m)otherhood. ...more

Infertility Art article in "Elephant" magazine


Why Is It So Hard to Talk About Fertility? in Elephant magazine. "Art often mythologises fertility, but some artists are fighting to show the other side of the child-bearing coin." Words by Hettie Judah. This featured my Infertile Platitudes series, alongside some fabulous contemporary artists investigating infertility in a variety of ways in May 2021


Interview with "Mothers In Residence"


"Mothers In Residence" is based in Gothenburg, Sweeden, a project run by piece maker Anna Maria Hedman, sponsored by Linn Gall at Förvaltningen for Kulturutveckling (The Administration for Cultural Development). In 2020, the project received support from the Gothenburg cultural administration to start up a residence program which purpose is to actualise and activate mothers that are artists back to work mode, and to further develop the project. I was interviewed about my work in April 2021


Exhibition Review in "The Brooklyn Rail"


Robert R. Shane, review of "You Are Not Wonderful Just Because You Are a Mother" exhibition in the Brooklyn Rail magazine. Featuring my Infertile Platitudes of Embodied Emptiness, Sonogram Series of 9


Press Release: Twenty Twenty Collection at New Art Gallery Walsall


The New Art Gallery Walsall acquires works by West Midlands’ artists for Twenty Twenty Collection press release. Featuring my Lock Down Hair, Who Cares? Triptych, 2020


Instagram Takeover for "Artist Mother Podcast"


A community rooted in the Artist/Mother identity. It started as a podcast, but now a retreat, a crit programme, exhibitions and residencies. My work featured in their "You Are Not Wonderful Just Because You Are A Mother" exhibition, a juried show by Qiana Mestrich. I was asked to do an Instagram takeover in January 2021.