"The Mothers: Life in Lockdown" (2020-21)

An archive recording what it was like to be a mother in lockdown, from a range of mothers; artist/mothers, poets, writers and participants in a socially-engaged project. Mothers from all over the world were invited to contribute to this archive of experiences. Through social media women tagged they their contributions #motherslifeinlockdown. This archive still continues to grow.

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EAS(Y) does it

EAS(Y) does it

The EASY method (eat, activity, sleep, you) is about enforcing a “proper” schedule for your baby to help develop good sleep patterns and carve out space for you. Hard to maintain at the best of times, but in the middle of a pandemic, when your village has gone, other children are constantly present and require looking after, jobs are run from home, domestic duties massively increase, and time is generally twisted, any such routines are inevitability tested. A newborn at the beginning of the pandemic saw their first year born out across the three UK lockdowns, a time simply endured by most mothers; when everyone needed to Eat; Activities had to be provided for all; and baby Sleep was a time, more than ever, to clear it all up and start again; time for You simply disappeared.

A piece made with blood, sweat and tears; a phrase synonymous with Churchill’s speech in 1940, when he warned the British people of the hardships to come in fighting WWII. The pandemic was not a world war, but it has been a time of great adversity for many, especially mothers, the extent of which is only just emerging.

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