Human Algorithm series" shown at I Want Your Drawing Exhibition in Madrid, Spain.
Human Algorithm series
(Pencil & pen on paper)
20 x 30cm

Pieces that came out of my experience with the Remaking the Body team at Queen Mary on the algorithms used in IVF.
Currently being exhibited in "I Want Your Drawing: 3 of Obsessions" with @ladiesdrawingclub at @galerianueva in Madrid, Spain

These pieces reference the embryo imaging techniques used within clinical IVF practices. In particular, the morphokinetic based algorithms that measure developmental events against calculated variables, to grade the suitability of embryos for implantation. Rather than a digitised computer-based process, these images use drawing, a very hands-on process, which has room for variation and “error” in its depiction of these scientific techniques. In some images, mathematical roulette curves are present, which have been made using Spirograph, the children’s geometric drawing device, that often slipped in the hands of amateurs, leaving unpredictable extra lines that can “ruin” the perfect patterns. Some marks are ingrained in the paper, to create white spaces and lines that cannot be filled by the tonal pencil work, whilst red is used in others, to create unpredictable interventions. The obsession with creativity overtakes the scientific obsession with accuracy, leaving a series of beautiful lines, tones, shapes and spaces. What does all this mean for a human algorithm?

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