Born: 1979                                                                                                    Lives and works: Birmingham,UK

Artist’s Statement:
My Art practice is inextricably linked with my theoretical work in Cultural Studies, embracing a more holistic view of the artist as practitioner, scholar and social commentator. This has grown from research areas on the gendered gaze, auto-ethnography and transgressive performativity. I am interested in female subjectivity; most particularly ideas of embodiment as intercorporeality through formations of a culturally desired femininity at odds with a desiring body. I use subject matter associated with the female, detached and reframed to distort and challenge assumptions of gendered identity within signifying practices. My work traverses printmaking, drawing, collage and digital and often mixes found imagery with the handmade, drawing into surfaces to explore unexpected visual and textual interactions.

Many pieces draw on formations of gender, power and the manipulation of desire as used in contemporary mass media representations and therefore appropriate such imagery within the work, to explore their power of seductive distortion and ability to structure our way of seeing through everyday consumption. I am also particularly intrigued by the boundaries of gendered surfaces – contrasting ‘real’ surfaces (hair, folds of flesh, skin) with ‘artificial’ surfaces (lace, veils, tights, make up), looking at the cultural and social significance of the adorned female body in acts of concealing and revealing, often caught between the abject and the beautiful.

2008-2009         PGCE Secondary in Art & Design – Level 7
                          Birmingham City University

2004-2005         MA in Cultural Studies - Distinction
                          University of Lancaster

1999-2003         BA (Hons) in Fine Art - Class I
                          University of Leeds

2001-2002         BA Studio Arts - GPA 4.0
                          University of California, Irvine, USA

1998-1999         BTEC Diploma in Foundation Studies in Art and Design - Distinction
                          Sutton Coldfield College of Further Education, Birmingham

Art Exhibitions/Prizes:
2015 - 'Game Over', 28 April-24 July, The Coffin Works, Birmingham
2014 - 'Beforma', 3 Oct -1 Nov, Stryx, Birmingham
2014 - 'Print Biennial', 16 July-23 August, Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Gallery, Birmingham
2014 - 'Pen', 15 May-15 June, the Pen Museum, Birmingham
2012 - 'Invasion', 22-30 September, A.E. Harris, Birmingham
2012 - 'Outlined', 27 April-19 May, Minerva Works, Birmingham
2010 - ‘Blacked Out’, 19-28 Aug, Arch 897, London Bridge
2010 - North Worcestershire Open, 6 May-13 June, Artix, Bromsgrove
2010 - Worcester Open, 24 April-26 June, PITT/WAW, Worcester
2009 - ‘Print Now’ competition (shortlisted), Bearspace Gallery, London Art Fair, Jan 2010
2009 - Arts Fest, 11-13 Sept, Birmingham
2008 - ‘Electric Eclectic’, 10-17 Feb, Custard Factory, Birmingham
2007 - ‘The Identity Parade’, 20-25 Feb, Custard Factory, Birmingham
2003 - ‘All Things Considered’, University of Leeds, Leeds
2002 - ‘Am I Famous Yet?’, University of California, Irvine, USA

2010 - “Skin Tight”, essay in ‘Haptic Visions, Tangible Images’ – photo book by Isil Onol, PhD Thesis, University of Huddersfield
2015 - What’s On Magazine – ‘Game Over’ Review, April 2015
2010 - Small Aperture Magazine - ‘Blacked Out' review, August 2010
2007 - Studio 11 - ‘New Birmingham Artists Showcase’, Community Channel
2003 - ArtScene - ‘All Things Considered’ review, Leeds Critical Arts Magazine

Artist Workshops:
2013 - "Draw Your Story"
- City of 1000 Stories, Children’s Hospital, Birmingham
2012 - "Explore Drawing"
- City of 1000 Stories, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham
2012 - “Exploration of Drawing Narrative"
          - Birmingham Book Festival Drawing workshop, Birmingham Central Library, Birmingham
2012 - "Project in a Night"
          - Alternative Drawing workshop, birmingham Metropolitan College, Birmingham
2011 - “Inside/Out/In-Betweeness"
          - Adobe Photoshop workshop, Cadbury College, Birmingham
2011 - “Expressive Image Transfer"
         - visual art workshop for The Woods, Jane Packman production, mac, Birmingham
2010 - “Lost Happy Endings"
         - Shadow Puppet Workshop for Carol-Ann Duffy production, mac, Birmingham
2010 - “Surrealist Juxtapositions – Making the Ordinary Extraordinary”
         - Printmaking Elements workshop, Cadbury College, Birmingham
2010 - “Inside/Outside/Back to Front”
         - Drawing & Textile workshop, Cadbury College, Birmingham
2010 - “Picturing Community” – Painting & Drawing workshop, mac, Birmingham
2009 - ‘Art & Enterprise’ workshops, Lordswood Boys’ School, Birmingham
         - developing learning opportunities across Art, Technology & Business

Artist Memberships:
2009-present     Birmingham City University Academic Research Group - focusing on methods to
                          create greater cohesion between Art Education and Contemporary Art World
2009-present     Postgraduate Art Society - Bournville Centre for Visual Arts, Birmingham City University
2006-present     Moseley Creative Forum - Moseley, Birmingham