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Comments about Sally Butcher's work...

compliments on the website

Hello, I really love your work and you've done a great job on your website too! I would love to be kept informed of any future work you release, so please feel free to email me from time to time.

Please also feel free to visit my website at and leave your feedback and website link, I have only just finished my website, but it's always good to get feedback from such a talented artist. Please keep in touch.

All the best,
Paul Thomson

DIRTY PRETTY FACES at Electric Eclectic

Are they scars or stitches? Clever - cosmetic surgery gone crazy - beautifully drawn. Thanks

Beautiful and moving
Kayla Jayne

Lovely but slightly disturbing at the same time. Great work.
Claire Rooney

Rather creative, imaginative, inspirational. More! More!
Shirley Cooper

Oh my Freaking God!...

Really loved your work yesterday at the identity parade. it was really nice to see there was something that stood out both visually and intelligently. Well done and good luck.
Jordan Cadby

In the Flesh...

The canvas pieces are so much better in the flesh. I really am a fan of your work. I really like this exhibit (Enlaced & Entwined at The Identity Parade, 2007)
Ami Farndon


You have a wonderful collection of artworks which appeal to the art community and the general community alike
Katie Bulmer

Wonderful Work

Already the proud owner of a Sally Butcher original painting, I am now saving up to commission a drawing!
What a talent.
Carol Fulwood

Your Art

Your work is challenging to this male - it has great power in the way it addresses the unrecognised assumptions that men - no let's be honest - that I make about representations of women in my consciousness. I came away from a first viewing feeling ashamed of myself - and I think rightly so.

I then came back, having got over myself, and engaged with the skill and artistic expression. Wonderful.

All things considered

Better late than never...My favorite is the pieces from the All things considered i love the hands and the controlled use of color in some...Your subject matter speaks to women pretty pointedly.
Look forward to seeing more work!
Michelle Stockwell


Thank you very much for your amazing and inspiring art. I were right excited and moved by what it communicates like. Me too. I like 'Enlaced'. Me too. No bu' seriously it is rather special.
Sarah and Niall

Wow, Sally, your work is AMAZING! you've been so busy since i last saw you, and i'm so happy for you! the pieces are very thoughtful and i love your composition. it's so delicate and harsh at the same time; i love it. take care! and if you would like to see some of the stuff I've been up to, it's up at :

lots of love,
E from the other side of the pond

Excellent- Very Impressive

The art on this site looks amazing, you have a real talent.
Tim Adams

Great stuff

Hi Sally, you don't know me, but Laura let me know about the site. It's great, cheers, good luck!

Very Pro

Hi Sally,
Really impressed, looks professional and shows you have a good range.
I will forward the link to everyone I know with a wallet
Nicola Conroy


Dear Sally
Great website! Best of luck with it - especially as far as sales are

All good wishes
Simon Dentith


I think your work is incredible Sally! Your images have a beautiful, yet almost abject quality about them, which seems to reflect those tensions surrounding contemporary female body image. I also like the layout and design of your website. Will pass this on - good luck with it all!
Jennifer Tomomitsu-Tomasson


Hi Sally, Jo emailed me the details of your site and I think it's excellent. Your work is fantastic. Good luck with everything.Jim.
Jim Leghorn

What a view!

Great site - really thoughtfully laid out. Like the way the front page is different each time I go in.

Have shown this to several colleagues - all of whom were very complementary. Hasn't translated into commissions yet, but you never know!
helen gale

Art Website

Hey Sally B!
I love your site and your art! Was wondering what you have been getting up to : )

ps If I was rich I would commission you to paint a pic of me ; )
Becky Beeson

Good Stuff!

Your website is lovely and I think your work is amazing. Good stuff!
Emily Quinton

Art on Women

Hi Sally,
I particularly liked your drawing 'petal' I am a sucker for red and it rather amuses me that the pretty young woman (winslet?) has been snuffling up an Andrew Goldsworthy trail of petals in the wood.

Best wishes and goodluck with your career,
Kate Marshall

Feminine Exploration

First and foremost, congratulations in all of your accomplishments.

Your work conjures thoughts of the hardships females face with society's imposition of expected physical traits. Your eye for finite detail in your series "All Things Considered" enraptures and provokes viewers to question their definition of femininity while remaining visually stimulating. Quite similar to your "Lace Work" pieces in which femininity is exaggerated by the material begs the question, 'Are today's females perpetuating the materiality of their role by restraining themselves to societal norms?' I am eager to see what future works lie in wait and am encouraged that your artwork has entered the virtual world.


Noki Seekao
Associate Dean of Students
California College of the Arts
1111 Eighth Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
Noki Seekao


Hi Sally,

Wow! I had no idea you were this talented! I think your art speaks volumes about women, their bodies and their significance in our society. There seems to me to be a certain irony in the fact that your art itself is so beautiful and yet it portrays, in my eyes at least, a kind of suffering and forlornness. Good luck and thanks for sharing it.
James Tomasson